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  1. I've bookmarked the +bkmks link and it doesn't work as expected, I can't add any bookmarks clicking on it. What's wrong?

    Most likely you didn't bookmark the link itself. Instead you might have bookmarked the page it appears on. Make sure you right click on the +bkmks link and select 'Bookmark this link' or similar. Alternatively try to drag the +bkmks link to your bookmarks menu or bar. Check the 'Properties' dialog for the created bookmark, — it should show 'javascript:(function(){...' in the URL field.

  2. Now that I've added a few bookmarks to my page how do I edit or delete one of them?

    Click on the icon (favicon) displayed on the left of the link. This will take you to the dialog where you can edit any property of the link or delete it by clicking 'Delete bookmark' button.

  3. How can I restore recently deleted bookmark?

    You can check recently created or deleted bookmarks by following the Changes link found in the top menu. You can recreate a link found there by opening it in your browser and following regular link addition procedure.

  4. Can I rename an existing tag (folder)?

    Yes, just click on favicon of any of its links. You can update the folder name in the link edit dialog

  5. Any way to backup my bookmarks?

    Yes, you can use the Export link located at the bottom of the page to save your bookmarks in the standard Netscape Bookmark format. The saved file can then be imported into browsers supporting this format, including MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

  6. I saved the exported bookmarks file. Now I'm getting an error while trying to import it into my Internet Explorer browser. What's wrong?

    When exporting your bookmarks, make sure you save the file rather then open it in your browser. If you open the file first and then save it via 'Save as' option, — some details of the original file will be lost. Hence Internet Explorer will no longer recognize it as a valid bookmarks file. Once the file has been saved, you can open it without any problem.

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