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There are a lot of information sources out there on the web. Some of them we like to keep for regular or just one time use later on. We are quick to add a bookmark, and then some, until there're so many links in that bookmarks menu, it's hard to manage. If we can't see all our links at a glance, each in its usual spot on the screen, they become hard to locate or recall.

This site will help you organize bookmarks and favorites in an easy to use personal bookmarks page all on one screen. You'll be able to access the same personal page from most web connected devices including your desktop, laptop, pad, or even your smart phone. Once a bookmark has been added, it'll instantly be available on all of your devices, no need to synchronize or otherwise propagate the changes.

The problem with many existing online bookmark managers is they are not as easy to update, while not offering clear advantage over what your browser bookmarking system already provides. This site is aimed to provide a better, more focused user experience, uncovering the true potential of an online personal favorites manager.

Following is a small online demo with a few sample bookmarks in it. This is how your webpage will look after you've added or imported some of your favorites. Here you can rearrange individual bookmarks as well as groups by way of drag-n-drop. Other functions, such as adding, editing, or sharing bookmarks are available once you sign in.

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